/// Bike Check: Jose A. Gutierrez Campos / Impurity Bike Co.

// /Name: Alan Gutierrez // Sponsors: Impurity Bike Co ///Bike Specification: –

/// Frame: Impurity (Mirrage). // Forks: Impurity Bike Co. // Headset: Impurity Bike Co. // Stem: Fly Bikes. // Bars: Impurity Billy. // Grips: Oddy. // Bar ends: Oddy. // Brake lever: None. // Brake Cable: None. // Brake caliper: None. // Brake pads: None. // Chain: KMC // Sprocket: Shadow Lighter // Cranks: Impurity Bike Co // BB Set: Mid BB (19mm) // Pedals: Pirate Ron (Plastic) // Seatpost: Impurity bike // Seat: Impurity Bike Co // Front tire: FlyBikes Campillo // Front Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite // Front hub: Fly Bikes Delantero // Rear Rim: Fly Bikes // Rear tire: Odyssey // Rear Hub: Mini Profile // Pegs: Kink Light – but rarely I use them! ///

How many tubes do you go through? Not many!

Do you ever modify your bike to ride different styles? No. However, sometimes I use pegs when I ride street or ramps.

What tools do you take riding? A few tools. The most important piece of equipment is a helmet.

Thanks to? I want give thanks to Impurity Bike Co for supporting me since they began the company 2009! I am so proud to still be riding for a company like this! Cheers!

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