Product Reviews: VP-Vice Pedals (Review by Keith Easom)

We recently flowed Faction Bike Co owner/rider Keith Easom a set of VP VICE pedals to test and review – check out what Keith had to say:

I recently got asked to test these alloy VP ‘Vice’ Pedals by Chris Smith over at ValleySideSistro. VP-USA are a California based company (acting under the umbrella of VP Components). These pedals weigh in at 406g a pair, which is slightly less than the plastic pedals I was previously running. I raced on them at the ‘Peterborough National’ and the extra grip was noticeable over the plastics I had used for the previous days racing – I placed higher on the Sunday and found I was the highest placed rider who relied on flat pedals for that particular day –  maybe these pedals helped? One thing that is for sure is that my bike now looks like it has that extra bit of bling, compared with how it was using plastics. My verdict is: for racing on, if clips get banned (as i hope they will be one day) then these are the best design I’ve seen to replace them. Grip, weight and styling I rate a ’10 out of 10′. For more info go to www

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