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News: Coco Zurita on ‘Fourspeed Metalwerks’!!!

Our friend Coco Zurita recently got picked up by Four Speed Metalwerks! In short, Four Speed Metalwerks make interesting products like; Buckles, Rings and Pendants using Metal! Fourspeed add spice to their mix by working in collaboration with artists and characters of recognition – this means we will surely be seeing some Coco Zurita Signature […]

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Web Video: Vans Video Vault – Coco Zurita

Video PlatformVideo ManagementVideo SolutionsVideo Player A while back we dropped an Interview with Coco Zurita: The Art of Ascension! The video here is a more recent video he has produced with offthewall.tv – Coco chats about BMX, straight from his home country of Chile. Watch as Coco rides some of the sweetest spots in Chile […]

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Web Video: BMX Legends Jamie Bestwick And Simon Tabron Call The Shots: Crooked World. .

Ever heard of the ‘Cherokee One-Footer’ or the ‘German Salmon’? Get in the know with Simon Tabron & Jamie Bestwick in this epic Vert Session! On a side note, I dropped an Interview with Simon Tabron not so long ago… Check it on my FBC blog! – VS Tweet

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Web Video: Van Homan in China!

This is Van Homan’s latest edit and it’s pretty ridiculous to say the least! The story behind it is pretty simple – Van recently flew out to ride the ‘Asian X-Games’. As usual, Van makes time to ride some pretty ridiculous street and the meanest of concrete skateparks. One of the highlights is a guest apperance by Coco […]

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Photographer of the month/March – Coco Zurita!

Okay, okay, you got me!!! We are behind schedule, BIG TIME… But, in our defence, we gave this next post time to mature, like a fine wine – And it don’t get much more BIG TIME, than this months, Graduand in style… So, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I hand you over to the man himself, […]

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Link of the month/February: The Coco Zurita, personal website!

As you’re probably already aware, Coco kicks ass on a bike. Mr Zurita is also an avid BMX promoter, enjoys motors as avocation, and much more! Furthermore, Coco keeps photo diarys of his lifestyle! Anyway, to the point, Coco’s personal website is Februarys (belated!) link of the month – So now you can keep up […]

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The Art of Ascension: The Francisco “Coco” Zurita Interview…

Introduction “When I call I either get “Hi this is Coco and I’m prolly buzy right now”, or I get a “hola cheeky dogg”  from one of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. Coco arrived on the scene in 2004, after a long time friend had moved from their hometown in Chile to Dallas, […]

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